1. Anti Campaign of Millenial of the year.

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  2. Marketing in The Emerging World: Observe-Plan-Teller-Engager

    Marketing is exciusively for the natural born charmer, charismatically gifted and spellbounding persona…

    Tracking down the heydays of the traditionalist, the quote above is the unwritten rule for those thinking of entering marketing department. The natural born charmer has a boyish charm from every angles possibles. The substantials areĀ  average though the show these people produces on the meeting room has made the female midyear vp’s monday morning turns to wild fantasies. The second type are the so called ‘charismatically gifted’ who uses his or her personal assett usually physical to cast the spell. Those under this type has all sales pitch to close the deal and has their own way to close the deal. The spellbounding persona are the teasing kind usually uses multiinterpretative response to spice up the meeting.

    The charmer, the gifted and the spellbounders…needless to say, “your golden years are over peeps!” Marketing has been invaded by the new species, the observer, the planner, the storyteller and the engager. Those people are the longest species that never been constraints by “bad hair day”, “stained ties” and “stilettosanklescramped”. The observer will be the leader of the project, recording the current market conditions with fact sheets from white papers, webinars and pdfs. The planner is going to make sure the business and the campaigns objectives synergizes accordingly toward the benchmarks, the storyteller is going to create the campaign story plots and to determine which consumers will actually buy his or her story and the engager is the one who will be leading the conversion process to sales.

    If you still the Barbie and Ken in your division, don’t worry about them. The reason the corporate still keeps them mainly because every clients has a different set of approach and the entrepeneurs are aware that physical engagements are the first impression to get the follow back call after the presentation

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